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Wooden Rainbow Stacker (Forest)

RM 99.00

This Wooden Rainbow Stacker is an educational toy for toddlers, a perfect toddler gift and also a great decor.

A rainbow stacker toy helps to develop logical thinking, concentration and coordination; foster imagination and hands fine motor skills. As they grow older, they will find hundreds of ways to play with the archs. From grabbing, colour recognition, simple puzzle to learning logic of balancing and learning comparative adjectives along the way such as "small", "smaller than", "bigger, biggest", "wider" vs "thinner", etc.

🌈 6pcs stackers made of solid wood.
🌈 Size: 21.5*11.4*4cm.
🌈 Each set includes a briefcase for toy's storage
🌈 We use a water-based paint. Colour may vary from that on the picture due to differences in monitor colour set up. The rainbow stacker is velvety to touch.
🌈 Each toy is unique and inimitable. There may be some wood marks on toys and this is not considered as defects.
🌈 Toys should not be submerged in water, use damp textile to wipe them.
🌈 Our toys are topped with thin finishing and non-toxic, so that different parts do not colour each other. However, sometimes dark colours may leave marks on the light ones.
🌈 Name personalisation is not available.

🌈Preorder +/- 2weeks